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The Wide Variety of Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Laurey continues to be the leader in today's Decorative Hardware Inudstry. This year, Laurey has launched over 150 new designs and 5 new finishes. Every single Laurey product is guaranteed for as long as the consumer owns their home. The finishes are designed and tested to withstand corrosion by moisture and salt air. When properly maintained, Laurey's finishes resist abrasion and enhance the luster and exquisite beauty of our products for years. All Laurey die cast, stamped and solid brass products are protected by triple treatments of long-lasting genuine lacquer which is the only coating designed to enhance the finish without discoloring. Every customer can find the Cabinet Knobs, Cabinet Pulls, Hinges and Catches & Latches, that suite their needs.

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At Décor Globe, you can checkout whole range of Laurey products for your home. Laurey products offer a lifetime of satisfaction - featuring the ultimate in quality, design and performance.